"I think that this is the future of electronic music... As it begins to pervade our culture, we'll see it used more artfully within other forms of music, and sometimes not so artfully, but in this case we're definitely dealing with the former. They turn negative soundscapes into sexy, euphonic compositions of righteous synth, virtuous instrumentalism, seductive vocals, and just the right amount of bass. This is one for the masses..." - LessThan3

"... I felt sex dripping from almost every track... like a lover walked through the door with "A Rapture," and left with "Love Is Love". Cue 'God of Love' and the exhilaration ensues: a dirty, Lohan-esque love affair, teeth catching lips and hair being pulled, all chased with clear liquor; you can thank Stereo Alchemy during the pillow talk." - Paradigm Magazine

"... a broad spectrum of electro elegance. The sheer complexity of some of the tracks is mind-boggling, from the percussion to the little nuances and frequency changes in all the instruments as they go. It's these things that elevate a good album to a truly great one. Quite frankly, 'God of Love' is one long eargasm from start to finish and is firmly the first contender for album of the year on this site." - Higher Plain Music