From 'Dream-Love' by Christina Rossetti (1830 - 1894)

Young lovers laying by the stream
Cool skin glistens in the light
White lambs come grazing, white doves float through their dreams
And all around the sun is white

Soft moss a pillow for the softer cheek
Broad leaves cast shadows on bedroom eyes
There lips are parted, oh! But barely speak
There twilight lingers longer in the skies

Young lovers dreaming 'til summer days are gone
Dreaming and dancing away to perfect bliss
They move in beauty, two hearts adrift as one
Kissing and kissing 'til the kiss of morning sun has come

Young lovers drifting off to death
Cool shadows deepen 'cross the face
So ends the summer with warm delicious breath
When autumn comes to take its place

Draw close the curtains of evergreen
Age will not touch them with fingers grey
Here the first violets will bud unseen
A lonely dove returns to stay

Young lovers sleeping
Young lovers sleeping
Young lovers dreaming
Young lovers drowsing
Young lovers drifting
Young lovers drowning