From 'Manfred' by Lord Byron (1788 - 1824)

Love is worth pursuing
Through the burning wreck of a demolished world
Over mountain kings on thrones of rock
Through mansions in the clouds
On a starbeam I have ridden
Though my love may be forbidden
A breath of twilight blows
How the longing grows.

Love is intoxicating
Like the blue depths of the water
When the wind speaks
And echoes cross the waves
I have sailed rivers of time
To find you and make you mine
A breath of twilight blows
How the feeling inside me grows

I am the rider of the wind
The stirrer of the storm
A hurricane of rage
In human form
And now the hour has arrived
And this vow I renew
I am a monster of the sky
And I'm coming after you

Love is unrelenting
It burns deep
Like a slumbering earthquake
On a pillow of flame
I would burn over a thousand fires
For the object of my desire
A breath of twilight blows
How this need inside me grows