tereo Alchemy is an electronic music duo, consisting of two-time Grammy-winning composer Christopher Tin and Grammy-nominated percussionist Kametron. Friends since college, the two producers took very different musical paths: one studying formal composition in English conservatories, the other spinning late-night IDM sets in the underground bars of Tokyo's Shibuya district. Their mutual love of electronic dance music would reunite them in Los Angeles, however, and armed with an eclectic vocabulary--from Autechre to Shostakovich--they proceeded to form Stereo Alchemy.

They describe their signature sound as 'decadent electronica'--a loving nod towards the burgeoning electronic music scene of the early-90s. Their retrospection goes beyond just a nostalgic reinvention of the trip hop, synth pop and post punk soundtrack of their teenage years, however. Their lyrical inspiration comes from a much older source: Renaissance and Romantic Era poetry.

Christina Rossetti. John Donne. Lord Byron. The two producers dove into anthology after anthology, poring over the verse of great writers, identifying themes that transcended the centuries: love, death, and everything in between. And in adapting those poems as the lyrics to their songs, they found themselves in a world where the sentiments of the romantic 18th-century collided with the sonic palette of the 21st... where the velvety sensualism of a holy sonnet could be realized with distorted analog synths. Where the primal pound of a kick drum evoked the brute sensuality of Elizabethan erotica. Where the sexual excesses of an 18th-century aristocrat could only be relived through a deep and lingering dubstep drop.

Once in awhile a combination comes along that is so novel and unorthodox, yet such a natural fit. Romantic Era poetry set to wobble bass and electro house beats? Renaissance erotica and trip hop vocals? It's a sound so rapturous, and an idea so self-indulgent, that only one word adequately summarized it: decadent.

And so it is that on their debut album 'God of Love', Stereo Alchemy has taken works by ten poets--from Thomas Carew's erotically charged "A Rapture" to Sir Edward Dyer's heartbreaking "A Modest Love"--and transformed them into a musical journey though sex, love, and loss of love. Along the way they are joined by a trio of talented guest vocalists: Mozez (formerly of Zero 7), Melissa R. Kaplan (of Splashdown), and Lia Rose (of Built for the Sea). The album was mixed by three-time Grammy-winning engineer Darrell Thorp (Radiohead, Beck, Air, Gnarls Barkley), and mastered by Tom Baker (Nine Inch Nails).

Stereo Alchemy invites you to join their world.